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Can Someone Else Drive My Rental Car

Can Someone Else Drive My Rental Car?

If you have a long journey ahead, including an additional driver can make your job easier. But if you plan to travel with a rental car, the situation can be more complicated. So, you may wonder, can someone else drive my rental car?

Keep reading as we walk you through the entire process of having an additional driver, the rental agreement, and the required insurance.

Can Someone Else Drive My Rental Car?

The short answer is no. If an unauthorized person drives your rental car, you are responsible for any potential inconvenience that may occur. 

On the other hand, there might be an option to include an additional driver when you make the contract with the rental company. In most cases, you can add up to three additional drivers, but there are rental companies that allow more. Choosing a rental company that meets your requirements and offers conditions for an additional driver is very important.

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Adding Additional Drivers to a Rental Car Agreement

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Adding Additional Drivers to a Rental Car Agreement

Several factors have to be considered if you want to add an additional driver. So, we will specify the most important things that you should take into account.

Authorized drivers

You must inform the rental company to know who the primary driver is before the additional driver can operate your car. Basically, the main driver is the person who signs the contract and is responsible for the vehicle’s condition. 

Also, before adding second driver to rental car, you should familiarize yourself with the conditions the rental company offers in such cases.

Age requirements

The rules for an additional driver apply the same as for the main driver, such as age restrictions and driver’s licenses. In principle, any driver, whether principal or additional, must be at least 21 years old and have a driving license for at least two years to operate a vehicle.

However, it is advisable to become acquainted with the age limitations imposed by the rental provider. Some rental companies may have special age requirements for additional drivers and may charge an additional fee.

Insurance coverage

Before you go on the road, you should consider the conditions the rental company offers for an additional driver. Most companies offer insurance coverage for one or more additional drivers, which is usually specified in the contract. 

Additional driver fees

When adding a driver, expect to pay fees for such a service. The charges vary depending on the number of drivers, age, and other specific requirements. Remember that the fees vary between rental companies, so it’s a good idea to review the rental agreement in detail before signing it.

Further questions

Before signing the rental agreement, pay attention to all the details and, if necessary, ask additional questions. This will help you avoid potential inconveniences. Moreover, contract violation may lead to cancellation of insurance coverage and additional costs in the event of damage.

The Process for Adding Another Driver

Adding a driver depends largely on the rental company and how the car is rented. For example, some rental companies offer this service online, while others should complete the entire procedure at the counter. Please note that you will not pay the additional driver fee until you receive the rental car.

When booking over the counter, any additional driver must be present when you sign the contract. Also, the rental company will ask the additional drivers for a driver’s license and passport to be able to add them to the rental agreement.

At the end of the whole procedure, the main driver is the one who signs the agreement. Moreover, additional drivers with all necessary details will be specified in such an agreement. And as mentioned, you may ask additional questions if you have any concerns.

The Process for Adding Another Driver

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Can someone else drive my rental car? To recap, the answer is no. However, many rental companies offer the option to add additional drivers under certain conditions. 

Therefore, before renting a car, consider the offer and extra fees for the additional driver. Also, we advise you to drive safely and obey traffic rules and signs. Happy driving!

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