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Is Rolls Royce an Exotic Car

Is Rolls-Royce an Exotic Car?

From its establishment in 1884 until today, this English brand is synonymous with high-class cars that few people can afford. Rolls-Royce cars are characterized by luxurious designs and unique features that make driving comfortable and unforgettable. So, is Rolls-Royce an exotic car?

Stay tuned as we take an in-depth analysis of Rolls-Royce’s features and its impact on the world of luxury cars.

Is Rolls-Royce an Exotic Car?

In short, not really. This British model is known for its luxurious features and unique designs in its models. Luxury cars focus more on extravagance features than exotic cars, which prioritize performance and speed.

To better understand why Rolls-Royce might not belong to the group of supercars, you should know the traits of exotic car brands.

Characteristics of Exotic Cars

Although the term supercar was not used much in the past, it was often associated with cars with high performance and exceptional design. Yet, performance doesn’t always define a supercar. Therefore, we will introduce you to an exotic car’s most important features: 


Price is one of the important characteristics that define a supercar. Namely, such cars have a high price of up to several million dollars. As an example of the most expensive supercar, the Bugatti La Voiture Noire is considered, which costs $27.8 million.

Also, the exclusivity of such cars should be taken into account. Hence, the rarer the cars, the higher their value.


Exotic cars also differ from ordinary cars in the materials they are made of. Accordingly, such materials are of top quality and are quite expensive. They are also characterized by low weight. This is important for improving the car’s aerodynamics and increasing performance.


The striking design of exotic cars is a feature that sets them apart from ordinary cars. Usually, the designers of such cars put a lot of effort into making them with a unique design that will attract attention. Such cars are usually curvy and have striking colors. That way, you will easily identify them among other cars.

If you want a supercar with a striking design, you should check our fleet of cars. Pick the one that will grab people’s attention on the street. We want to provide the highest quality and performance.


With exotic cars, it’s all about speed and performance. These cars feature superior engines that have impressive acceleration and performance. With powerful engines, exotic cars can reach speeds of 200 mph and more. For example, the fastest supercar in the world is the Bugatti Chiron, which has a top speed of 304.773 mph.

Characteristics of Rolls-Royce

Although it is not a brand that produces exotic vehicles, Rolls-Royce models still have features typical of high-end cars. So, the most important features that this brand has are:


Performance isn’t the first thing that comes to mind regarding luxury vehicles, but the Rolls-Royce has exceptional performance. Unlike many commercial vehicles, Rolls-Royce models are equipped with a V12 engine that can develop a speed of 155 mph. 

Although this performance cannot be compared to supercars, it complements the other characteristics of this brand.

Luxurious appearance

Rolls-Royce has always been synonymous with luxury in the world of cars. This feature applies to both the exterior and the interior. Such a brand has the style and frame of a sedan and the indispensable grilles that Rolls-Royce is known for. 

Each piece is carefully designed to highlight the luxurious spirit of this brand. This luxurious look can be seen in most models, such as the Rolls-Royce Ghost and Phantom.

Impressive interior

The interior is a special story among Rolls-Royce models. It is lined with high-quality leather, and the top technology is located in the middle console. 

Suppose you want to feel a unique experience. In that case, the interiors of the new Rolls-Royce models offer more benefits. For example, a climate control system, driver assistance features, active cruise control, night vision system, etc.

High-quality materials

Rolls-Royce models are built to last. Hence, this brand does not make any compromises regarding the quality of materials. Every part of a Rolls-Royce is built from the highest quality and most expensive materials that are durable and long-lasting.


Rolls-Royce is a brand that inspires many car designers and is synonymous with luxury and refinement. So, is Rolls-Royce an exotic car? Although it possesses many characteristics of exotic vehicles, we may say that this brand is far from being called an exotic car manufacturer.

Should you expect a supercar from this brand? Although there are announcements about the first exotic vehicles, it is still too early to confirm. One thing is certain: Rolls-Royce will continue to be one of the iconic car brands in the auto industry and will continue to inspire many car manufacturers.

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