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Is Maserati an Exotic Car

Is Maserati an Exotic Car?

Exotic cars always attract attention due to their performance, exceptional design, and exclusivity. Many brands have manufactured their models with the appearance of such cars. Among them is Maserati. But is Maserati an exotic car?

Read on as we do a detailed analysis of this Italian brand and whether it has what it takes to be called an exotic car maker.

Is Maserati an Exotic Car?

Maserati has all the features an exotic car manufacturer should possess, but there are divided opinions. So, we may say it is not considered as one. This car brand’s models are usually in limited numbers and impress with their design, performance, and driving comfort.

Therefore, although it is generally placed in the category of luxury vehicle manufacturer, Maserati has produced cars characterized by impressive performance. However, to better understand what it takes for a manufacturer to create a supercar, we will highlight a few characteristics that exotic cars have.

Is Maserati an Exotic Car

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Characteristics of Exotic Cars

Although there is no clear definition of what an exotic car is, there are certain characteristics that are inherent to such cars. Here are the most important ones:


Exotic cars have exceptional aesthetics and exterior design that immediately attract attention. Their rounded design fulfills an aesthetic need and an aerodynamic one, which is critical to their functionality. Besides, you will immediately differentiate them from other cars by their unique and rare design.


Performance is one of the main characteristics that define an exotic car. Namely, such cars are characterized by large engines with superior horsepower that develop high speed.

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The materials from which the exotic car is built are another factor that defines it. These supercars are built from rare, expensive materials not often seen in other cars. Not only that, these materials are lightweight. This has a positive effect on their aerodynamics and performance.

Advanced technology

In addition to performance and design, these cars are equipped with the latest technology that provides a pleasant driving experience. Such technologies refer to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, and voice commands that raise the driving experience to a higher level.


Although size is not a rule, designers aim to make supercars more compact and smaller. Furthermore, most exotic cars are usually designed to have two seats to increase aerodynamics. This way, the exotic car can develop a high speed to raise your adrenaline.

Characteristics of Maserati

Maserati is more than a brand. Owning a vehicle from this brand defines you as a person with a sense of design and elegance. However, design and exclusivity are not the only features that make this brand desirable among car enthusiasts. We will highlight some exceptional factors that set this brand apart from other cars.

Breathtaking design

Striking design is the first thing that defines these luxury vehicles. Maserati has a unique design that is recognizable and distinguishes it from other vehicles. But its uniqueness does not stop only at the exterior. 

The Maserati team made sure to leave their stamp on the interior of the cars as well. The interior of the Maserati is filled with high-quality materials from carbon fiber and aluminum. Plus the leather upholstery contributes to feeling stylish and comfortable.


The exclusivity of these cars is another feature that sets them apart from the rest. Therefore, owning a Maserati puts you in the exclusive club of people with refined taste and aesthetics. Also, Maserati produces a limited number of almost impossible vehicles for everyone to own.

Impressive performance and electronics

Although many prefer design over performance, Maserati still has much to boast about. Its models feature V6 and V8 engines that will satisfy your desire for high speed.

In addition to the engine, Maserati has top electronics that offer more benefits. We will mention the infotainment systems, including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It also features an integrated navigation system enabled by the Maserati Intelligent Assistant.

Is Maserati considered an exotic car manufacturer?

There are many debates around this issue, but generally speaking, this brand is more focused on luxury and design at the expense of performance. Although it is considered a leading brand of luxury cars, Maserati does not neglect the performance of its cars and does not forget to include V6 and V8 engines in its vehicles.

Comparing this brand, we can see it lags behind other brands, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren, in producing supercars. In fact, the first supercar, the Maserati MC20, was introduced in 2022 and received positive reviews from car enthusiasts.

Is Maserati considered an exotic car manufacturer?

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Is Maserati an exotic car? Although it has presented many models that can come close to exotic cars, this brand is far from being called a manufacturer of exotic cars. However, Maserati remains synonymous with luxury, elegance, and exclusivity in high-class cars.

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