What Happens if You Wreck a Rental Car?

What Happens if You Wreck a Rental Car

What Happens if You Wreck a Rental Car?

Exotic cars have consistently been among the most coveted choices for rentals. Due to their exceptional value, the last thing you want to be involved in is a car accident. So, what happens if you wreck a rental car?

If you wreck a rental vehicle, there are several steps you should take. Keep reading all the options and step-by-step procedures to follow if you are involved in an exotic car accident.

What Happens If You Wreck a Rental Car?

There are a few simple measures you should follow. For example, check for injuries to everyone involved in the car crash, collect evidence and information, take photos, contact the rental company, and call your insurance company. 

In the following, we will discuss in detail the most basic steps that you should take into account:

Make sure everyone is in a good condition

Check that everyone in the vehicle is okay before taking any action. If the accident is more serious, call 911 immediately.

Gather information and evidence

After ensuring everyone is in good condition, exchange contact and insurance information with the parties involved in the crash. Ask them about their phone number, home address, number of the insurance company, driver’s license number, and plate of the vehicle.

If the other party seems hostile, don’t share too much information and wait for the police to arrive at the scene of the accident. If the police or law enforcement gets involved, you could ask for a copy of the accident reports.

Take pictures and notes

Besides exchanging information with the parties involved, take notes about the crash. Write down the car model, color and registration, collision location, street names, and where the accident happened

Furthermore, take as many pictures as possible of the accident scene. Photograph the damaged vehicles, possible injuries, and other details at the scene.

Contact the rental company

Once you have recorded all the details related to the accident, contact the rental company immediately. You can use the emergency number to contact the rental company. 

After you report the accident, the company will advise you on what to do with the vehicle. Also, take the customer service representative’s details and record the time and date.

Call your insurance company

After you have contacted the rental car insurance company, call your insurance company. You may have coverage for collision or any damage to the rental car. You should also inform your insurance company of any additional insurance you have obtained through the rental car company.

Rental Car Insurance Options

Rental car insurance offers several types of coverage to protect you while using the rental vehicle. That way, you’ll be able to focus on the car’s comfort and performance instead of worrying about something going wrong. We will explain the most common options available to make it easier to understand rental car insurance.

Collision Damage Waiver

This type of insurance is also known as a Loss-Damage Waiver. Collision damage waiver protects you if your rented vehicle is damaged or stolen. However, a collision damage waiver will not always cover your damage in certain options. Such options are if you drive drunk or under the influence of drugs. 

In addition to these cases, certain exceptions are specified in the insurance. So, you should read the terms and conditions carefully before opting for this option.

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance is a type of insurance that covers medical expenses for you and your passengers after a car crash. This type of insurance offers options such as emergency health care, hospital expenses, or ambulance fees.

Personal Effects Coverage 

Personal Effects Coverage, or PEC, is an optional insurance car rental companies offer. This insurance covers coverage if your personal belongings are stolen, lost, or damaged. Such insurance can include electronics, clothing, luggage, equipment, and the like. 

However, when applying for this type of insurance, pay attention to the limit that the company covers. This limit usually varies depending on the amount you pay for the insurance.

Liability for Damages

Remember that when you drive a rental car, you are responsible if you cause an accident. In this case, your insurance company may cover the damage you have caused. Also, consider rental insurance. If you have chosen the option of rental car insurance, your costs can be covered.

On the other hand, if you are involved in an accident where the other driver is at fault, they are responsible for the resulting damage. In this case, your company will contact the driver’s insurance company. If the rental company charges you, you should request compensation from the driver’s car insurance.

Although these are general rules, some laws vary from state to state. If you are unsure about the financial implications, it is good to consult a legal person.

Additional Costs After a Rental Car Accident

You should be mindful of the unforeseen expenses following a car accident besides the regular expenses. So, what happens if you wreck a rental car regarding additional costs? After the accident, the rental company will look for ways to compensate for all costs related to the vehicle. Such additional costs may refer to:

  • Expenses while the car is being repaired
  • Depreciation of the car
  • Fees related to your claim


Although you try to avoid them and be careful, car accidents can occur sometimes and cause financial or legal problems. So, what happens if you wreck a rental car? Check everyone is in good condition, call 911, take photos, and gather as much evidence as possible.

If you find yourself in this situation, remember that multiple rental car insurance options can cover the cost of the damage. In addition to the insurance options, remember to take the steps to follow after a car crash. Drive carefully and stay safe!

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