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Is Alfa Romeo an Exotic Car?

Exotic cars are the automotive dreams of every car enthusiast. They are automotive marvels, filled to the brim with technology and futuristic advancements. Although the definition of an exotic car can vary and is not set in stone, exotics are limited in quantity, high-performance, and high-luxury cars with a premium price tag. Because the definition of an exotic car is so vague, we beg the question of whether is Alfa Romeo an exotic car.

Alfa Romeo is an Italian car brand founded in 1910. Initially, the car manufacturer was focused on race and track-oriented cars. Today, it makes stylish and affordable sports cars and SUVs. Besides the difficulty the brand has had in the past few decades, it remains a symbol of Italian automotive excellence.

So, let’s dive deeper into what it means for a car to be considered exotic and if Alfa Romeo is up to the task.

Is Alfa Romeo an Exotic Car

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Is Alfa Romeo an Exotic Car?

Although Alfa Romeo has had contenders that can be considered exotic cars, most cars the brand has manufactured have been sports cars. Therefore, the concise answer would be no. Alfa Romeo is not an exotic car. 

Generally, it isn’t easy to classify cars as sports or exotic, as this classification is subjective. No matter what the article says, the opinion on whether Alfa Romeo is considered an exotic car can vary among car enthusiasts. Everyone has their own perspective!

On the one hand, based on the MSRP of the current line-up of Alfa Romeos, which is on average between $40,000 and $70,000, Alfa Romeo doesn’t produce exotic cars. On the other hand, based on the performance of its current and old sports cars, Alfa Romeo may have plenty of contenders that can be classified as exotic.

Below, we will cover the characteristics of exotic cars, some arguments in favor of Alfa Romeo and some against it. Take all facts into consideration, as well as personal reasons, to hopefully make up your mind on the matter.

Characteristics of Exotic Cars

Some crucial characteristics can be used when defining an exotic car. These include a sleek and aerodynamic design, premium price tag, limited number of production, expensive materials, cutting-edge technology, high performance, and high luxury. Although these features are not must-haves, they are what most, if not all, exotic cars define themselves with.

Characteristics of Alfa Romeo

To give a clearer image of why we can and can’t consider Alfa Romeo an exotic car, we must list the characteristics of Alfa Romeo and compare them to exotic cars.

The history of Alfa Romeo is nothing to scoff at. The brand is more than 100 years old, founded in Italy in 1910 as “A.L.F.A.”, then in 1920 renamed “Alfa Romeo”. First started as a race and track-oriented car manufacturer, then slowly, throughout the last century, transitioned into a family-friendly sports car and SUV manufacturer.

Characteristics of Alfa Romeo

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Design and aesthetics

A classic Alfa Romeo car’s design and aesthetics are comparable to those of an exotic car. A two-seater with a powerful engine that’s low to the ground, sleek, aerodynamic, and eye-catching. 

Nowadays Alfa Romeo cars have a more family-oriented appearance rather than a striking exotic look. Their current line-up includes a variety of SUVs and sedans that are perfect for families. Therefore, Alfa Romeo is not an exotic car manufacturer. However, the design aspect of the cars remains aggressive, elegant, and distinctive, which are some features commonly shared with exotic cars.

Production numbers and price

Two distinct features of exotic cars are the low production numbers and the high price of the car. Currently, Alfa Romeo makes cars with high production numbers that fetch a price between $40,000 and $70,000. But this car manufacturer has had cars in very limited numbers with high prices, which can be used as arguments. These cars include:

Performance and speed

Performance and speed in Alfa Romeo cars are almost at par with exotic cars. Powerful engines and Italian engineering make up for some fast sedans and SUVs. The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio offers a 0-60 mph time in around 3.6 seconds. Impressive for a four-seater sedan with an MSRP starting at $80,000.

Arguments in favor of Alfa Romeo as an exotic car

As we mentioned above, plenty of Alfa Romeo cars can be used as an argument to prove that Alfa Romeo are exotic cars. These cars include:

  • Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione and 8C Spider
  • Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe
  • Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
  • Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Sport Coupe Pininfarina

Arguments against Alfa Romeo as an exotic car

Some cars that can be used as arguments against Alfa Romeo as an exotic car include production cars in high numbers, such as the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, Alfa Romeo Giulia, Alfa Romeo Giulietta, and many more.

Arguments against Alfa Romeo as an exotic car

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Is Alfa Romeo an exotic car? Although Alfa Romeo is an Italian car brand that blends performance, luxury, and style, considering its current operation and other above-mentioned reasons, we can conclude that, generally, its cars aren’t exotic. 

However, after having a comprehensive look through this brand’s portfolio, still, it might be debatable among car enthusiasts if Alfa Romeo can be considered an exotic car manufacturer. 

Although Alfa Romeo has strong contenders that can be considered exotics, most of its cars are sports cars at best. At present, the brand offers luxurious, performance-focused sports sedans and SUVs, aggressive designs, Italian engineering, and excellent performance. Considering all facts, whether you consider Alfa Romeo exotic or not is your preference and opinion. 

What do you think makes an exotic worthy of its title? Is it the price tag, performance, complexity, or everything all at once? Share your opinion below!

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