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Who Is Responsible if Rental Car Breaks Down

Who Is Responsible if Rental Car Breaks Down?

Although the rental companies ensure you get the full experience from the rented car, such a car may break down and leave you in an unknown place. But who is responsible if rental car breaks down, and what measures should you take?

Stay with us as we will guide you through the entire situation and the steps you and the rental company should take.

Who Is Responsible If Rental Car Breaks Down?

The responsibility for the broken-down vehicle may lie with the renter or the rental company, depending on the situation. But what happens if rental car breaks down? Namely, after the mechanical breakdown, the rental companies will assess whether the breakdown occurred due to the driver’s negligence or other reasons.

If the cause of the problem is a sudden failure or engine problems, the rental company is responsible for the car problems and will bear all the costs. On the other hand, if it is a traffic accident, the renter is the one who bears the costs related to the damage.

Before renting a vehicle, remember that rental companies perform regular maintenance and a detailed inspection before renting it out. Therefore, you should know how to act in such cases so as not to pay unnecessary costs and create additional headaches.

Who Is Responsible If Rental Car Breaks Down

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What Are the Responsibilities of the Renter?

The first thing you should do if your car breaks down is not to panic and stay calm. Regardless of the outcome, it’s a good idea to document the case. Take photographs as necessary and record all details of the car’s mechanical failure.

Safety comes first

Your safety and that of your passengers should always come first. If the vehicle is in a traffic area, you should inform other drivers about the situation by turning on the warning lights. In addition, if you find yourself in a place that does not guarantee your safety, you and your passengers should leave the vehicle and stop in a safe place.

Contact your rental company

After ensuring that you and your passengers are in a safe place, call rental car breakdown assistance. Breakdown assistance and instructions on which number to call are usually included in your booking. 

If you do not have this option, call the rental company and carefully follow the instructions. Usually, rental companies have a 24/7 helpline that is dedicated to emergencies. So, if a mechanical defect takes a long time to fix, the rental company will provide you with a new vehicle that you can use until the end of the rental agreement.

Call your insurance company

After contacting the rental company, calling your personal insurance company is a good idea. Although the rental company may cover the costs in the event of a mechanical breakdown of the car, there are rental companies that only cover basic mechanical car breakdowns. Calling your insurance company can save you from paying additional costs.

After contacting the insurance company, explain your car problems and whether your insurance will cover the repair. On the other hand, if the rental company has already notified you that they will cover the damage, you may not need to contact your rental company.

What Are the Responsibilities of the Rental Car Company?

The rental company is obliged to provide you with a clean and safe vehicle previously checked for possible mechanical problems. Also, you should be offered clear terms and conditions relating to breakdowns and maintenance assistance in case of a mechanical car breakdown.

If you have chosen a rental car and the rental company does not have the vehicle at your disposal when you arrive to pick it up, the company is obliged to provide you with a replacement for such a vehicle. If the replacement vehicle offered to you costs more than the car you originally selected, you are not required to pay any additional costs.

Ultimately, it is the rental company’s responsibility to inform you if there are additional fees before you sign the contract. So, you shouldn’t worry much about these things when you rent a luxury car from us – Fisher Luxury Rental. We are here to serve you!

Preventative Measures When Renting a Car

It is good to take preventive measures to ensure your safety and avoid any potential discomfort on the road. So, we recommend the following precautions:

Inspect the car

Before you go on the road, do a detailed vehicle inspection. This includes checking the wipers, tires, all lights, heat, navigation, sound system, etc. Also, taking a test drive in the parking lot is a good idea to ensure the car is in excellent condition. If you notice anything unusual, you should notify the insurance company immediately.

Check the rental car features

Driving a rental car can be tricky, especially if it’s a new model to you. Therefore, before you go on the road, familiarize yourself with all the car’s functions

Such functions may include the operation of windshield wipers, headlights, emergency brakes, navigation, climate control, etc. That way, you will gain confidence while driving and know how to react in certain situations.

Check the rental car features

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Purchase insurance

You should have additional insurance to cover possible problems that may arise during the trip. For this purpose, there are several types of insurance, such as:

Keep your important documents with you

Before you start your trip, make sure you have all the necessary documents in case of an emergency. Such documents are the rental agreement with the rental company, your driver’s license, and information and contacts with your insurance company.


Who is responsible if rental car breaks down? Now that you know, you are ready for your future destination. Regardless of your destination, don’t forget to carry the necessary documents with you and obey the traffic signs and rules of the road.

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